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TaxMasters: The REAL bankruptcy experts!

Today is a great day for everyone who is tired of those painful TaxMasters commercials on TV. Hopefully the ads will be ending because the ads will be ending soon since the company filed for bankruptcy. After several complaints, and probably an overextended advertising budget, the company had nowhere to go. So say goodbye to the bearded dude!


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Air Jordans make a comeback

Air Jordans make a comeback(1)

Air Jordan’s have made a comeback! In fact people were lined up like it was black Friday. When the store doors opened they stampeded through, trampling on people in front of them just to get a pair. There were no shoppers pepper spraying each other. However, in some places police had to pepper spray the

Beer is helping the economy

Beer is helping the economy(1)

A study released this week by the University of Northern Colorado, suggest that breweries, are enhancing the local economy. According to CSU economists, Martin Shields and Michael Marturana, the six Fort Collins breweries employ over 938 people and boost the local economy by more then $83 million dollars. The report claims the breweries employment rate

South Florida (Fort Lauderdale) Ikea Review

South Florida (Fort Lauderdale) Ikea Review(0)

I just came back from a trip to our South Florida Ikea. I was very excited to go there as I have heard so much about it. The sheer size of the building and parking garage is incredible. They are located off of Interstate 595 West of Fort Lauderdale. I believe the city is Sunrise.

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Do people actually make money investing in the stock market? I have been investing for the past 11 years. I just calculated my earnings in this time period. I am actually down in my investments since I started. I have been adding money almost monthly for this whole period. As I earned more income, I

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Auto Insurance Industry Growth Slows(0)

In 2002, the automobile insurance industry grew by 15%. During the past three years, growth has been only 3% per year.  The two largest car insurance providers in the U.S. are State Farm and Allstate but Geico and Progressive have been threatening their dominance through  unique branding, direct sales expertise, and state of the art

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