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Mustache Rides – Wayne Carini Mustache Rides – Wayne Carini(0)

Have you ever watched Chasing Classic Cars on Velocity? If you are a Ferrari and supercar enthusiast, you have to get the Velocity Channel and see my friend Mustache Rides aka Wayne Carini get rich.

Carini is a bit of a jerk off but he buys and works on some beautiful cars. Using his celebrity and years in the business, people owning older supercars contact him and he does very little to the cars and puts them up for auctions.

Another interesting factoid, according to Mustache Rides is worth 15 million dollars. It pay verys well to buy and sell cars based on your celebrity.

Mandatory Breathalyzer on ALL French Cars Mandatory Breathalyzer on ALL French Cars(0)

Starting November 1, 2012 all vehicles traveling on French roads will have to be equipped with a breathalyzer in a government attempt to curb the drunk driving which is currently the cause 33% of motor vehicle fatalities in France. To give you some perspective, Great Britain came in at 17% and Germany at 10%.

In the United States the picture doesn’t look so good, in 2010 Utah ranked #1 in least DUI related fatalities in the nation at 19%; North Dakota ranked #50 at 44%. Fortunately, it doesn’t look like we are headed towards mandatory breathalyzers in every car, since overall DUI related fatalities have decreased by 7%.


When is the Land Rover Defender Coming Back to the US? When is the Land Rover Defender Coming Back to the US?(2)

One of my favorite vehicles of all time is the Land Rover Defender. Defenders have not been sold in the US since 1997.

Through my investigation, I have found it was due to two issues. The first is airbags and side impact doors. Due to a lack of airbags and side impact door tests, they are not sold here. The other issue is that they were not selling too well here in the US.

I recently called two Land Rover dealerships. One here in the US and the other in the UK. Both spoke of the recent news, unreported as of yet, that Land Rover would be selling Defenders in the US again within 3 years. If you are considering buying one of the few older Defenders for sale at the exorbitant prices, we think you should hold out and wait. I have added some pictures and videso of the 2012 Defender 90 and 110.

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