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Mustache Rides – Wayne Carini Mustache Rides – Wayne Carini(0)

Have you ever watched Chasing Classic Cars on Velocity? If you are a Ferrari and supercar enthusiast, you have to get the Velocity Channel and see my friend Mustache Rides aka Wayne Carini get rich.

Carini is a bit of a jerk off but he buys and works on some beautiful cars. Using his celebrity and years in the business, people owning older supercars contact him and he does very little to the cars and puts them up for auctions.

Another interesting factoid, according to Mustache Rides is worth 15 million dollars. It pay verys well to buy and sell cars based on your celebrity.

History or Rock in Under 15 Minutes History or Rock in Under 15 Minutes(0)

This guy’s got some pretty talented and he’s got some good memory to be able to remember all those licks in order!

Mesmerizing Baritone Dead at 77 Mesmerizing Baritone Dead at 77(0)

Remember Eduard Anatolyevich Khil? He was was an award winning Russian singer in the 1970’s.  He became world famous in 2010 when this 1976 video resurfaced:

Of course he immediately became an internet sensation and there were thousands of parodies. When Mr. Khil learned of his internet fame he was delightfully amused.

He died of a stroke at the age of 77 in his St. Petersburg apartment. May he trololo in peace.

Andre 3000 = Jimi Hendrix? Andre 3000 = Jimi Hendrix?(0)

Outkast’s Andre 3000 began filming scenes for the new biopic “All Is By My Side”  about late guitar hero Jimi Hendrix.  The film focuses on Hendrix’s 1960’s breakthrough in London and the debut of his classic Are You Experienced although the rights to Jimi’s music may not have been released yet.  Andre 3000 seems to be the perfect cast as far as looks are concerned; his guitar skills, however, leave much to be desired as he has admitted to only knowing the four chords of his biggest hit Hey Ya!  No release date for the film is known yet.

Chrise Hansen Comes Out Of Hiding – Hidden Camera Child Care Centers Chrise Hansen Comes Out Of Hiding – Hidden Camera Child Care Centers(0)

If any of you have been wondering what happened to the King of Hidden Cameras, Chris Hansen, he is back. We at Open Press Room had thought NBC had written Chris off after he had two separate elicit affairs with women while he himself is married with children. Isn’t NBC a ‘family channel?’

Today the infamous Chris has come out of hiding to report an investigation in to day care center owners and employees having criminal records.

According to our investigation we found that there are only 11 states in the US that require criminal background check on day care workers. That is wrong. Maybe Chris is on to something. We did find a website that does report whether day care centers perform criminal background checks, but that is all we found online.

Hopefully this expose will guilt these 39 states that they need to update their laws.

Keep up the good work Chris Hansen, but I think you should stay away from the day care centers yourself. I wouldn’t want you near my kids.

Jim Carrey’s New Girlfriend Finally Identified Jim Carrey’s New Girlfriend Finally Identified(0)

At age 49, Jim Carrey does not seem to have any problems finding love. After he and Jenny McCarthy broke up in April 2010, Carrey remained single until January 2011 when finally stepped out with 23 year old America’s Next Top Model beauty Anchal Joseph. The two were spotted in New York City on what seemed to be a big date night out. The relationship was not long lived though which led many to believe that it was just a rebound relationship for Carrey.

Now, Carrey has been spotted around town with a blonde beauty who had not been identified until now and seems to be over his awkward crush on actress Emma Stone. Carrey’s new love is Russian Anastasia Vitkina. Carrey and Vitkina were first spotted together in October on a cozy dinner date and most recently in Los Angeles at a Guns and Roses show. Not much is known about Vitkina, but she is rumored to be a student at New York Univeristy and the ex of David Schoonmaker. She makes the effort to see Carrey as she has been spotted flying back and forth between LA and NYC. Her age is unknown, but she is thought to be considerably younger than Carrey.

Has Burn Notice Jumped The Shark? Has Burn Notice Jumped The Shark?(0)

The latest season of Burn Notice has just ended. This has been one of my favorite TV Shows for a few years now. USA Network has done a fantastic job of bringing back a Miami Vice esque version of a shoot em up in Miami Beach.

This series was fun for years but this series is starting to get drawn out and plain dull. Each episode is so predicable that this is no longer fun. They take in a ‘new client’ to help every episode along with working on getting Michael (Jeffrey Donovan) out of trouble and/or back in the CIA.

Unless they change this format this series should be canceled. Enough of the ‘helping out’ this weekly ‘new client’ who seemingly is in big trouble from drug lords, gang members, etc. They do the same thing every week by setting them up and getting the police to swoop in and lock them up forever.

Sorry Michael, it is time for you to go.

Gene Simmons Interview On NPR Gene Simmons Interview On NPR(1)


I don’t know if you have had a chance to hear to the NPR (National Public Radio) interview of Gene Simmons or not, but it is completely hilarious.

Gene is such a pompous fool.

View part 1 of the interview here below

Burn Notice – Shameless Plug Burn Notice – Shameless Plug(0)

If you haven’t had the opportunity to watch Burn Notice yet. Now is the time. It is in the new season and it is on USA network on Thursdays. In my opinion this is the best program currently on TV.

What would I buy if I won the lottery? What would I buy if I won the lottery?(0)

I always dream of winning the lottery. Now they have the Powerball, I am even worse.

What would I buy if I won the lottery? Here is my list:
1. House on the beach.
2. Buy everyone in my family a nice house or give them cash.
3. Help poor kids in South America.
4. Start an animal sanctuary in my area.

That is just my start. What would you guys do if you won the lottery?

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