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Video – Bad Ass Cop Taking on Two Fools Video – Bad Ass Cop Taking on Two Fools(0)

I loved this video of one bad ass cop taking on two fools on a traffic stop. They don’t listen and grab a shovel in an attempt to fight him off.

Obama’s SSN Not Valid? Obama’s SSN Not Valid?(1)

We all remember Donald Trump’s press release when Obama’s birth certificate surfaced. Well, there’s a new challenge to the legitimacy of Obama’s citizenship, this time from an Ohio senior mother-of-seven Susan Daniels. Daniels has been a licensed private investigator since 1995 and she has experience vetting social security numbers for thousands of other clients.

What Daniels found is that Obama’s SSN has a prefix of “042” which, according to her investigation, is reserved for individuals who register in Connecticut, and that Obama’s SSN was issued in 1977 in Connecticut. Daniels further makes the case that there is no record of Obama visiting Connecticut during that time frame, he would have been 15 years old and living in Hawaii.

In checking other records, such as DMV and IRS records, Daniels came across another anomaly in the president’s birth date. There is the discrepancy of the 08/04/1961 and 04/08/1961 birth dates, which could be a simple mistake, but she also found a birth year of 1890 repeatedly. Daniels explains this discrepancy by claiming that the 042 SSN had been previously issued to a Connecticut resident born in 1890.

This assertion can be verified by examining the microfilm of the original SS-5 application attached to that particular SSN. Daniels, however, does not have access to that information which is why she filed suit in the Ohio courts. She also asked the court to issue an injunction against Obama’s name appearing in the Ohio ballot until this is cleared up.

Despite establishing a clear paper-trail, it is unlikely that the injunction will be filed, or that even mainstream media will pick up this story.

McDonald’s Burger Primping McDonald’s Burger Primping(0)

Ever wonder why ads for McDonald’s burgers look so much better than the actual burgers? Well, McDonald’s Canada has finally decided to show us how they do it in this video. Also, note how big the McDonald’s workers’ smiles are. When was the last time you got such a big smile with your happy meal?


Double Amputee to Compete in London 2012 Double Amputee to Compete in London 2012(0)

Oscar Pistorius will be the first amputee to compete in the Olympics. Pistorius will be representing South Africa as part of the 1,600 meter relay race. Pistorius also tried for the individual 400 meter race but did not qualify by less than a quarter of a second. He will also be competing in the Paralympics this year.

On his twitter feed he said “Today is really on of the happiest days of my life! Will be in (at)London2012 for both the Olympic and Paralympic Games! Thank you to everyone that has made me the athlete I am! God, family and friends, my competitors and supporters! You have all had a hand!”

I don’t know about you, but I’m rooting for Oscar Pistorius and his team this year.

History or Rock in Under 15 Minutes History or Rock in Under 15 Minutes(0)

This guy’s got some pretty talented and he’s got some good memory to be able to remember all those licks in order!

Best Stop Smoking Ad Ever Best Stop Smoking Ad Ever(0)

I have to say this is probably the most convincing Stop Smoking Ad I’ve ever seen:

Mandatory Breathalyzer on ALL French Cars Mandatory Breathalyzer on ALL French Cars(0)

Starting November 1, 2012 all vehicles traveling on French roads will have to be equipped with a breathalyzer in a government attempt to curb the drunk driving which is currently the cause 33% of motor vehicle fatalities in France. To give you some perspective, Great Britain came in at 17% and Germany at 10%.

In the United States the picture doesn’t look so good, in 2010 Utah ranked #1 in least DUI related fatalities in the nation at 19%; North Dakota ranked #50 at 44%. Fortunately, it doesn’t look like we are headed towards mandatory breathalyzers in every car, since overall DUI related fatalities have decreased by 7%.


Stay at the Best Hotels for Free Stay at the Best Hotels for Free(0)

David Price has been racking up the bills in some of Orange County’s best hotels, and he’s been homeless for two years. He’s in jail now, but how did he do it?

Apparently he would watch guests check out and then sneak into their hotel rooms and call the front desk asking to extend his stay – sometimes for up to 10 days. Then he would go to town on the previous guest’s credit card, like $9,000 to town, ordering the best wines, room service, and even clothes.

Who is to know how long he’d been doing this, but he finally got caught. His slip up was sneaking into a room that had been previously occupied by a hotel worker, security knew the worker had left so they called police. So if you’re going to try this trick, be sure to know who your victim is!

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