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Pictures of Sleeping Dogs Pictures of Sleeping Dogs(0)

I have attached some pictures of my dogs sleeping. Do you have any pictures of your dogs sleeping? Click here and upload them. I will add them to this post.

Stop Using Elizabethan Collar For Your Dog Stop Using Elizabethan Collar For Your Dog(0)

Many of you have dogs with allergies or other problems with your dogs where they need to stop licking. I used to use an Elizabethan collar for my dog, see picture below:

In my opinion the Elizabethan collar is inhumane. I decided to create a better product to help my dog. My dog, Tiger, has a problem with licking his legs. He gets nervous when left alone so he licks his legs down to the bone. I went through a couple of variations of this solution. This version I have developed works the best so far. It is created from a pair of old jeans. The Tiger pants works great. He cannot rip through and tear them. He also seems so much happier than wearing the Elizabethan collar. See picture below:

If any of you are interested in a pair, email me at

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