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Double Amputee to Compete in London 2012 Double Amputee to Compete in London 2012(0)

Oscar Pistorius will be the first amputee to compete in the Olympics. Pistorius will be representing South Africa as part of the 1,600 meter relay race. Pistorius also tried for the individual 400 meter race but did not qualify by less than a quarter of a second. He will also be competing in the Paralympics this year.

On his twitter feed he said “Today is really on of the happiest days of my life! Will be in (at)London2012 for both the Olympic and Paralympic Games! Thank you to everyone that has made me the athlete I am! God, family and friends, my competitors and supporters! You have all had a hand!”

I don’t know about you, but I’m rooting for Oscar Pistorius and his team this year.

Boxer Johnny Tapia Dead at 45 Boxer Johnny Tapia Dead at 45(0)

Five-time world boxing champion Johnny Tapia was found dead in his home at 45.  Tapia had a very difficult childhood never having met his father and reportedly having witnessed his mother’s murder. His whole life was peppered with brushes with the law.  Tapia entered the boxing scene in the early 1980’s and won his first championship belt in 1990. The rest of his career was divided between his fights in the ring and those outside the ring against drug and alcohol addiction. A native of New Mexico, Tapia considered Las Vegas his adopted home. Cause of death is of yet unknown


Amazing Roger Federer Shot Off Someone’s Head Amazing Roger Federer Shot Off Someone’s Head(1)

I don’t know if any of you have seen this or not. Roger Federer was filming a commercial in the UK and decided to try and knock a can of coke off of a producers head. Stand back William Tell.

It is amazing. Watch the video.

Andy Roddick Shaved Head Pictures Andy Roddick Shaved Head Pictures(0)

I think I am going to have to change the Open Press Room to the Roddick Press Room. Poor Andy is at it again. He shaved his head prior to his last tournament.

Not sure what is going on with him, but Andy seems like he is having some issues. Now to compound the problems, he lost to his friend Mardy Fish at the Atlanta Tennis Championships yesterday.

Hopefully he can get it together before the US Open.

We are pulling for you Andy.

Why is Andy Roddick So Hated? Why is Andy Roddick So Hated?(0)

I have often wondered why Andy Roddick is so hated. After reading online blog and article posts, the vast majority are commenter’s teeing off on Roddick. They are often personally offensive.

Here is my top list of why I believe Andy is so hated:
1. He married a hot Sports Illustrated model and you never will.
2. He is a good looking successful tennis player.
3. He never fulfilled his purported potential. The US wanted another top ranked player such as Sampras.
4. He has occasional temper tantrums.

My personal opinion is that Andy is a hard working respectful guy who deserves all the good he has gotten in life. He did not ask to be America’s great white hope. He is just a regular guy trying to win tennis matches. He is always overly respectful to the other players he plays after the matches.

What do you think?

Joran van der Sloot at the World Cup? Joran van der Sloot at the World Cup?(1)

The alleged murdered Joran Van Der Sloot is sitting in a jail cell in Peru right? So why does he appear to be playing for his national soccer team? Team captain Wesley Sneijder and Van der Sloot….separated at birth?

Bikers (Cyclists) – Stay Out Of The Roadway! Bikers (Cyclists) – Stay Out Of The Roadway!(1)

Today I was driving through A1A in the Delray Beach area and was blocked by a group a cyclists completely hogging the roadways. These guys all dressed up like Lance Armstrong and think they are in the Tour De France.

They are supposed to be one abreast in their bike lane, but feel that they deserve to take over 1/2 of the driving lane from cars.

I visit the beach weekly and drive up A1A. It has come to the point where every time I travel up this road on a weekend I am in some scary situations. Old people driving cars almost striking bikers or cars in the oncoming lanes.

The police (Delray Beach Police, Boca Raton Police), do not seem to care about this issue as they just cross to the other lane, over the double yellow line, to pass these bikers. Then they move through.

I am so surprised that more people in these big SUV’s down here do not run them over.

World Cup Girls – Girls Of The World Cup World Cup Girls – Girls Of The World Cup(1)

Watching this world cup, some of the most fun I have had is watching some of the girls. Why are the Brazilian girls always some of the best! Check out some of these pictures of some of the World Cup cuties.

Who Is Better Kaka or Messi? Who Is Better Kaka or Messi?(0)

Watching the World Cup, I am getting two differing opinions of who is the better player, Kaka for Brazil, or Messi for team Maradona. Here are some videos. You decide.

Is Andy Roddick Going Bald? Is Andy Roddick Going Bald?(0)

I just watched Any Roddick finish losing to an unknown at Wimbledon and noticed how he has this weird kind of feaux hawk hair style. He also looks like he is going bald. Say it isn’t so! Mr American good looking tennis athlete married to Brooklyn Decker losing his hair?

Does anyone have any more info or pics on the web where we can see if he really is or isn’t going bald?

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