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Samsung Galaxy S3 Samsung Galaxy S3(0)

Samsung Electronics launched it’s new smartphone the Galaxy S3.   Samsung’s Galaxy series outsold Apple by almost 10 million units in the first quarter, but the real challenge will come with Apple releases its new iPhone later this year.  One among many features of the new model is it’s eye movement tracking technology which regulates the screen keeping it from dimming or turning off while in use.  This is a great battery saving feature. Galaxy S3 runs on Android OS and has one of the largest smartphone screens yet. The S3 also features voice recognition and image recognition software. The 16 gigabytes model runs about $300. We can expect the US release in July.

New virus dubbed “Flame” Resembles Stuxnet New virus dubbed “Flame” Resembles Stuxnet(0)

A new highly sophisticated computer virus capable of gathering data files, changing settings, and even turning on microphones to record conversations has been discovered.  Researchers at Kapersky Lab say this virus may have the same origins as the famed Stuxnet virus which attacked Iran’s nuclear program in 2010. More than likely the attack was made by a government intelligence agency, Iranian officials have accused Israel and the United States.  However there is still no certain knowledge of the exact origin of either virus.  The US Defense Department declined comment.

Dyson Fan Review Dyson Fan Review(0)

Have you seen the commercial yet for the new Dyson Fan (Multiplier)? This looks really cool. I had to go to YouTube and find a review on the fan. See it below.

After seeing this review, I think I will skip the purchase. I see Best Buy offers the smallest version for $299. Too rich for my blood.

Odd Pods Discovered in Connecticut Lake Turns Out To Be WaterBrains (Bryozoans) Odd Pods Discovered in Connecticut Lake Turns Out To Be WaterBrains (Bryozoans)(0)

These strange pictures are pictures of Bryzoans found in a Connecticut pond. They appear to be some kind of alien pods.

These Bryozoans are firm and slimy to the touch. The insides of the pods are 99% water. This is all the information I currently have on them. If you have any further information, please post here in our comments section.

How to rank high on Google How to rank high on Google(0)

Everybody that has a website wants to rank high on the search engines right? Well here are a few easy steps to help you do that:

1. Add quality content
Make sure whatever your site shows is of interest to others. Add quality content frequently, keep your website updated and interesting. Google can tell how good your content is by the keywords and by how likely people are to click on your listing from the search results. If Google sends you a user and the user hits the back button on the browser right away, then they know your content stinks.
2. Get other websites to link to you
This is super important. In fact, this is WHY you add quality content in the first place. You want other websites to want to send users to you because you have good content. Google counts the number of links to your website and ranks you accordingly. It can be hard to get others to link to you on their own so you can create links to your site by writing articles on sites like and others.
3. Optimize your title tags and meta tags
Go through the HTML of every page and make sure the title tag matches the content of that page and the keywords you are targeting.
4. Add proper links to all your pages
Add clear navigation, breadcrumbs and a sitemap. That helps Google categorize the content on your site.

And that’s how you get started.

Iphone 4 – Droid X Side By Side Iphone 4 – Droid X Side By Side(0)

Ok folks. If you wanted to see a side by side video of the iphone 4 and the Motrolla Droid X, here it is. All I keep hearing about how the droid is going to finally take some market share from the iphone. Watch this video and decide for yourself.

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Changing Lives in Googley Fashion Changing Lives in Googley Fashion(0)

The story of Bonnie Brown, a San Francisco-based masseuse, just blew my mind. Her life turn, for the better (oh!, way better), happened thanks to Google.

Get this:

Through happenstance, Mr. Brown answered an ad for an in-house masseuse part-time job at Google. That was in 1999, when the company had 40 employees. Fast-forward to 2007 and Brown is about to publish: “Giigle: How I got Lucky Massaging Google.”

Brown no longer rubs geeks’ backs. The shares she was offered when she joined the company making $450 weekly made her a multimillionaire. Now a world traveler who lives in a 3,000-sf house in Nevada, Brown is one of about 1,000 people who have each made more than $5 million worth of Google shares from stocks grants and options, according to The New York Times. (Last week the company stock hit its all-time high of $747.24.)

The reporter spoke to several Google employees, not identified by name, who gave her the whole Googley etiquette when it comes to skyrocketing stocks, cashing out and changes in life styles.

Here is what the reporter – Katie Hafner –  learnt:

“It isn’t considered ‘Googley’ to check the stock price.” So, wrote the reporter, the stock price does not matter (Oh! I see…).

“It’s very clear that people are taking nicer vacations,”…

“One of the guys … showed up at work in a really, really nice new car.”
Google’s 104  employees cashed out a couple of years ago. After selling all his stock, he became a venture capitalist, philanthropist and a documentary filmmaker, chronicling now (just guess…) homelessness in Santa Monica, Calif.

That’s Googley!

Land Rover Defender – Test Drive Land Rover Defender – Test Drive(0)

Recently we had the opportunity to test drive a Land Rover Defender. Defenders are the younger siblings of the higher end Range Rover, LR3, and Freelander.

Defenders can generally be seen as military vehicles in Africa (Their version of the Hummer) or on safari’s.

During our initial site of the Defender, our thoughts were,” This thing looks cool!” The exterior is square with the ability to mount cages on top to carry extra luggage. The
interior is sparse, with it looking much like the look Honda was going for with their Element. The seats in the rear face the center of the vehicle, backing up against the side
walls of the truck. There was no carpeting in the truck, which makes it good for tracking in dirt. This is easy enough to clean out.

Defenders are 4 wd all the time. This doesn’t do much for gas mileage, an estimated 13 mpg.

Our test drive consisted of mainly muddy dirt roads. I have driven many four wheel drive vehicles before, but this was the most fun. The 8 cylinders powered through knee high mud. The shock absorbers were fantastic to be able to handle up to one foot ruts in the road. This baby was built for these horrible conditions. I have never driven a tank before, but this has to
be what it is like.

Driving on pavement was a little noisy with the large tires making quite a racquet.

Our overall opinion of the Defender is that if I were living in the Amazon, this would be my vehicle. But for everyday driving on nicely paved roads, stick with an American made SUV. They are much more comfortable with a much smaller price tag. Ebay has some used Defenders for sale at prices in the $30,000 range which are over 10 years old.

Changing a Power Window Motor on a Car Changing a Power Window Motor on a Car(0)

With the rising cost of auto repairs, sometimes it is best to ‘do it yourself’ to avoid the high costs of paying a shop (never mind pricey dealerships).

Driving a Ford Explorer we found that a common occurrance with the SUV is for the power windows to stop working. This can be a danger to drive around with a window that doesn’t work. Especially in South Florida where many a car has ended up in a canal. If you need to get out of a submerged vehicle and the window doesn’t function, you are toast.

That is why we figured that our best option was to make this repair ourselves. In our search of the internet, we did not find many helpful websites to prep for the job. Checking our favorite seach engine, MSN, we found a handy website to walk us through the process, had a nice article on power window motor replacement,

It was quite interesting to find that the article is based on another Ford Explorer with two power windows that failed. Ford should do something about these poor quality power windows. Maybe we should do an article about common vehicle problems by line.

Simply put, we followed the detailed instructions provided by and our Ford is back with a functioning power window just like new.

Free Public Relations for Websites Free Public Relations for Websites(0)

Everybody thinks they have the greatest website that should be listed on the top of Google’s search results. offers a free solution to gaining notice in search engines.

Boca Raton, FL (OPENPRESSROOM) January 26, 2006 —
The problem with website marketing is that everyone can’t be at the top. Moving up in Google’s search results takes time and often times lots of money.

Buying links is a strategy used by websites that is still a major business which does not necessarily pay off anymore. Press releases are also being used aggressively by webmasters who want to publicize websites. The problem is that many of these press release companies have such volume right now, that getting a listing on page 1000 is all the writer gets unless they pay up. has a free solution to publicizing websites that can earn authors money. Each article written on gets a free listing on their home page and any advertising traffic sent through the article page through Google Adsense gets credited to the authors account.

Visit for more information.

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