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Light Blindness – Symptom of Stress Light Blindness – Symptom of Stress(0)

Recently I have been having bouts of light blindness. You may have experienced light blindness when looking directly in to a headlight of a car at night, or some other similar incident. Normal light blindness only lasts for a few minutes.

Stress related light blindness can effect a person for as much as a few hours.

Here are some pictures of what you may see when experiencing light blindness:

The treatment I have been using after having these bouts of light blindness, is to seclude myself in to a quiet room until I mentally relax. This normally helps the symptoms subside.

Light blindness can also be a symptom of an oncoming migraine headache. In these cases they most likely will be followed by a very bad headache. Luckily I have not experienced the migraines.

Mustache Rides – Wayne Carini Mustache Rides – Wayne Carini(0)

Have you ever watched Chasing Classic Cars on Velocity? If you are a Ferrari and supercar enthusiast, you have to get the Velocity Channel and see my friend Mustache Rides aka Wayne Carini get rich.

Carini is a bit of a jerk off but he buys and works on some beautiful cars. Using his celebrity and years in the business, people owning older supercars contact him and he does very little to the cars and puts them up for auctions.

Another interesting factoid, according to Mustache Rides is worth 15 million dollars. It pay verys well to buy and sell cars based on your celebrity.

Video – Bad Ass Cop Taking on Two Fools Video – Bad Ass Cop Taking on Two Fools(0)

I loved this video of one bad ass cop taking on two fools on a traffic stop. They don’t listen and grab a shovel in an attempt to fight him off.

McDonald’s Burger Primping McDonald’s Burger Primping(0)

Ever wonder why ads for McDonald’s burgers look so much better than the actual burgers? Well, McDonald’s Canada has finally decided to show us how they do it in this video. Also, note how big the McDonald’s workers’ smiles are. When was the last time you got such a big smile with your happy meal?


Stay at the Best Hotels for Free Stay at the Best Hotels for Free(0)

David Price has been racking up the bills in some of Orange County’s best hotels, and he’s been homeless for two years. He’s in jail now, but how did he do it?

Apparently he would watch guests check out and then sneak into their hotel rooms and call the front desk asking to extend his stay – sometimes for up to 10 days. Then he would go to town on the previous guest’s credit card, like $9,000 to town, ordering the best wines, room service, and even clothes.

Who is to know how long he’d been doing this, but he finally got caught. His slip up was sneaking into a room that had been previously occupied by a hotel worker, security knew the worker had left so they called police. So if you’re going to try this trick, be sure to know who your victim is!

Canadian Psycho in Paris Canadian Psycho in Paris(0)

The manhunt for Luca Rocco Magnotta, the porn-star-turned-psychokiller-cannibal,  has spread to Paris, France. With the aid of witness tip-offs and Magnotta’s cell phone signal, Police forces were able to track him down to a hotel in the Parisian suburb of Bagnolet. In the hotel room they found pornographic magazines as well as airsick bags with the logo of the airline on which he flew into Paris a week ago.

“The daily Le Parisien reported Sunday that investigators had questioned the manager of a bar in the northern area of Batignolles who said Magnotta had a Coke there late Wednesday.

‘He was very nervous (and) he drank the Coke in one go. A man with an impressive physique came into the bar and started talking to him. They knew each other…’ the manager said, adding that the pair left together.”

Police forces are also making use of a blog post Magnotta had written in 2010 about how to disappear.

Need Crime Commiting Tips? Watch COPS Need Crime Commiting Tips? Watch COPS(0)

Fifty year-old Carla Jellison picked up some tips last time she watched COPS and lined the inside of her purse with tin foil. She then went to Kmart and bought a bottle of water but not before putting some other items in her purse. On her way out she slipped through the first set of doors before she was stopped by Loss Prevention – someone had seen her. The items? Butter, chocolate chips, and two Sonicare toothbrush heads.
I feel a little bad for her because the butter and chocolate chips were for baking with her grandson…

Anything for Fame? Anything for Fame?(0)

I’m not looking for these stories, they just show up!

Luka Rocco Magnotta is the latest name in this insane cannibalism trend. Magnotta’s lover said he was willing to do anything to become famous. Magnotta was trying to make a name for himself as a gay porn star when he began committing twisted crimes.  His first major offense was his sick video of  a python eating a kitten 2010.

Around this time he made contact with UK Tabloid The Sun via email:

“Well, I have to say goodbye for now. But don’t worry, in the near future you will be hearing from me again. This time, however, the victims won’t be small animals. I will however, send you a copy of the new video I’m going to be making. You see, killing is different than smoking… with smoking you can actually quit. Once you kill, and taste blood, it’s impossible to stop.”

Eventually Magnotta got to the point where he was mailing human body parts to political party headquarters. Police found the headless torso of victim Lin Jun 33 in a suitcase in the dumpster behind Magnotta’s apartment.

You can see the whole story at the Sun


Chrise Hansen Comes Out Of Hiding – Hidden Camera Child Care Centers Chrise Hansen Comes Out Of Hiding – Hidden Camera Child Care Centers(0)

If any of you have been wondering what happened to the King of Hidden Cameras, Chris Hansen, he is back. We at Open Press Room had thought NBC had written Chris off after he had two separate elicit affairs with women while he himself is married with children. Isn’t NBC a ‘family channel?’

Today the infamous Chris has come out of hiding to report an investigation in to day care center owners and employees having criminal records.

According to our investigation we found that there are only 11 states in the US that require criminal background check on day care workers. That is wrong. Maybe Chris is on to something. We did find a website that does report whether day care centers perform criminal background checks, but that is all we found online.

Hopefully this expose will guilt these 39 states that they need to update their laws.

Keep up the good work Chris Hansen, but I think you should stay away from the day care centers yourself. I wouldn’t want you near my kids.

Sock Commercial .. Sick of it! Sock Commercial .. Sick of it!(0)

Who doesn’t love the sock commercial by Hanes where the kid says “Sick of it!” I posted the video below. It is worth a look.

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