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Video – Bad Ass Cop Taking on Two Fools Video – Bad Ass Cop Taking on Two Fools(0)

I loved this video of one bad ass cop taking on two fools on a traffic stop. They don’t listen and grab a shovel in an attempt to fight him off.

New virus dubbed “Flame” Resembles Stuxnet New virus dubbed “Flame” Resembles Stuxnet(0)

A new highly sophisticated computer virus capable of gathering data files, changing settings, and even turning on microphones to record conversations has been discovered.  Researchers at Kapersky Lab say this virus may have the same origins as the famed Stuxnet virus which attacked Iran’s nuclear program in 2010. More than likely the attack was made by a government intelligence agency, Iranian officials have accused Israel and the United States.  However there is still no certain knowledge of the exact origin of either virus.  The US Defense Department declined comment.

Odd Pods Discovered in Connecticut Lake Turns Out To Be WaterBrains (Bryozoans) Odd Pods Discovered in Connecticut Lake Turns Out To Be WaterBrains (Bryozoans)(0)

These strange pictures are pictures of Bryzoans found in a Connecticut pond. They appear to be some kind of alien pods.

These Bryozoans are firm and slimy to the touch. The insides of the pods are 99% water. This is all the information I currently have on them. If you have any further information, please post here in our comments section.

Iran still stones women for adultery Iran still stones women for adultery(4)

So the country that wants nuclear weapons so badly is still stoning women for adultery. Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, a 43-year-old mother of two was supposed to receive the usual sentence for adultery…death by stoning. Even though she completely denies the accusation and has been jailed for years, she was scheduled to be killed until human rights groups and western nations complained. Here are some pictures of recent stoning in Muslim counties:

Honda Unicycle Honda Unicycle(0)

Have you seen the new video of the Honda Unicycle yet? Check it out! Also visit

Is It Time Again to Invest In Oil Stocks? Is It Time Again to Invest In Oil Stocks?(0)

Today Exxon Mobile reported how it plans to keep the world supplied with oil. Rex Tillerson, the CEO of Exxon reported a bunch of new findings and outlined his plan for the future.

From the Tillerson report, I heard that for the fifteenth year in a row, it had more new discoveries than current production. Tillerson also reported that the oil industry has the production levels to produce 4 or 5 million more barrels a day than the world consumes. When oil was going for the high price of $147 per barrel, there was only a mere 1 or 2 million excess capacity per day available.

The report from Tillerson in and of itself was quite interesting. What is even more interesting is that less than 1 year ago today, I could not find many articles on oil production that did not state we were running out of the product.

I had scoured cnn money, fortune, forbes, money magazine, CNBC, Fast Money on CNBC and the king of all oil pumpers, Jim Cramer. They were all endlessly reporting how oil was a commodity that was simply running out. 

I do admit that I have a bone to pick with these prognosticators. I actually started listening to Jim Cramer when he would spout about how all oil plays were a must have in all portfolios. Not to mention the self-aggrandizing Dylan Radigan and his cohorts Guy Adami, Jeff Macke, Pete Najarian, and Karen Finerman from Fast Money.

If you will check back to their stock picks for oils stocks as little as 6 months ago, you will see them all down in the neighborhood of 50+%. Nice record. How can they now be the same people that are still all over the news spouting about how prices were out of hand.

It just burns me up every time I now see Mr Pompous Radigan and blowhard Jim Cramer being used as ‘experts’ on how to get through the recession. These bumbling boneheads were one of the main reasons why we are in this fix to begin with.

Thanks guys, can’t wait to see your next Matt Lauer interview. 

Our Next President Doesn’t Know How Many US States There Are Our Next President Doesn’t Know How Many US States There Are(0)

Did any of you hear the news the other day when Barack Obama stated that he had been to 57 states so far in his campaign. I have it posted below:

He thinks he has 1 state left to go, he has visited 57 so far and is not going to be able to go to Alaska and Hawaii.

Is there something wrong with this picture? This is the front runner?

We thought George Bush was bad. I think Obama is his duplicate on the Democratic side.

Good luck America. We are screwed again.

Geopolitics and the World Wide Web Geopolitics and the World Wide Web(0)

Call the Internet democratic and a horde of disenfranchised offline citizens might protest. With one billion people online, the World Wide Web is off limits to more than five billion people. Broadband and dial-up hurdles aside, blame it on English, the language that dominates the online universe.

Starting on Monday, Web-domains incorporating 11 languages that don’t use the Roman alphabet will be tested. The domain-name suffix – or the part that follows the dot (like “com” or “org”) – could be written in non-Roman languages, such as Greek, Arabic or Chinese. Does it seem like a minor detail? Think twice.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the Web-domain naming issue has been loaded with geopolitical tension and bureaucracy. More than 170 countries claimed the right to Web-domain names in their languages at a United Nations summit in 2005. Internet users whose language does not use the Roman alphabet squabble that their lack of English knowledge is a barrier to their Internet usage.

Actually the Internet is supervised by the United Statesalone through its Marina del Rey, Calif.-based Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (Icann), a private nonprofit organization established in 1998, which reports to the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Defenders of the status quo in Internet domain names, claim that adopting other alphabets will lead to Internet fragmentation.

So, why don’t we all, English speakers, learn Chinese to remain cohesive?

Why Chinese Pigs Are Working Out Why Chinese Pigs Are Working Out(0)

Not only athletes, but pigs are on a rigorous regimen in China, in preparation for the Beijing Olympics next year. Chinese pigs eat organic, get daily exercise and take Chinese herbal medicine. They do all that in farms carefully chosen to meet water and soil quality criteria. The hogs’ VIP treatment, though, is infuriating Chinese bloggers, The Wall Street Journal* reported today.

These pigs, treated better than “a human in a coal mine,” wrote a Chinese blogger, will feed Olympic athletes both from China and elsewhere. Coming on the heels of recent outbreaks of pork blue-ear disease and the recalled toys fiasco, the case for raising special pigs has been a hard one to swallow for many Chinese.

“Olympic Pigs Doing Exercise Two Hours Every Day” was the headline in the Chinese-language newspaper Beijing News. Bogog, the Olympics organizing committee confirmed that Qianxihe Food Group, or Lucky Crane is the exclusive provider of pork. A member of the panel of experts on food safety for the Olympics said these pigs may be sold to the public after the games. What about the price? It will be probably twice as much as that of potato-couch pigs.

*When it comes to the Olympic Games in Beijing next summer, the Chinese government is taking no chances. From cloud seeding to disperse pollution in the capital, to crackdowns on visa violations to winnow crowds, to a massive construction project aspiring to the grandest of Games infrastructure, Beijing is working strenuously to cover itself with glory come August.

Zimbabwe President Orders Slashings Zimbabwe President Orders Slashings(0)

The slashing of prices that is. In Zimbabwe roughly 1,300 shop owners and managers have been fined thousands of dollars following governmental raids across the country. Some shop owners have even been arrested for non-compliance of a direct order to cut product prices in half. These measures in an attempt to help curb the out of control inflation rate currently at 4,000%. Some independent institutions estimate that actual inflation rates may be upwards of 9,000%.

If businesses do not comply the government will turn to nationalized distribution where products can only be purchase by government officials designated to each community.

If the crisis continues the private distribution of oil and gas will be halted as early as Wednesday of this week. One solution includes the monetary backing of the South African rand, which may create some economic stability in the area.

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