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Dyson Fan Review

New Dyson Fan

Have you seen the commercial yet for the new Dyson Fan (Multiplier)? This looks really cool. I had to go to YouTube and find a review on the fan. See it below.

After seeing this review, I think I will skip the purchase. I see Best Buy offers the smallest version for $299. Too rich for my blood.


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Samsung Galaxy S3

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Samsung Electronics launched it’s new smartphone the Galaxy S3.   Samsung’s Galaxy series outsold Apple by almost 10 million units in the first quarter, but the real challenge will come with Apple releases its new iPhone later this year.  One among many features of the new model is it’s eye movement tracking technology which regulates the

New virus dubbed “Flame” Resembles Stuxnet

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A new highly sophisticated computer virus capable of gathering data files, changing settings, and even turning on microphones to record conversations has been discovered.  Researchers at Kapersky Lab say this virus may have the same origins as the famed Stuxnet virus which attacked Iran’s nuclear program in 2010. More than likely the attack was made

Odd Pods Discovered in Connecticut Lake Turns Out To Be WaterBrains (Bryozoans)

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These strange pictures are pictures of Bryzoans found in a Connecticut pond. They appear to be some kind of alien pods. These Bryozoans are firm and slimy to the touch. The insides of the pods are 99% water. This is all the information I currently have on them. If you have any further information, please

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