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Beer is helping the economy

A study released this week by the University of Northern Colorado, suggest that breweries, are enhancing the local economy. According to CSU economists, Martin Shields and Michael Marturana, the six Fort Collins breweries employ over 938 people and boost the local economy by more then $83 million dollars. The report claims the breweries employment rate has steadily grown in the last ten years by 22%. Other business in Larimer County have only grown about 6.3%. Further data from the report suggests that each job at a local brewery, produces another 1.7 more jobs to the country, further enhancing the local economy by almost $142 million dollars. The researchers believe there is other ancillary revenue being generated by restaurants that brew beer, like Rock Bottom in Loveland, however those sources of beer revenue were not considered in the study, because the food revenues would have been too hard to discern.

Although Loveland’s breweries were not calculated in the study, do to data issues, the region is forecasted to be haven for continued brewery growth. One such brewery in Loveland was opened in 2010, Grimm Brothers. This brewery has been constantly expanding it’s operation, because the demand requires expansion. The breweries beer are currently available in most area restaurants, but a spokesperson for the brewery, say new technology is planned to make the beer available to liquor stores. Governor John Hickenlooper calls the region, “the Napa Valley of craft beer.” According to a book, “Mountain Brew” the state has 110 breweries and produces more beer then any other state. Many experts, credit the laws and regulations of Colorado as a reason why the industry enjoys study growth in the state. Some have credited Colorado as a state of adventure enthusiasts and they say it goes hand in hand with a desire to test and cultivate extremes.

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#1adminDecember 25, 2011, 1:58 pm

I just watched a documentary about how beer is responsible for basically everything…even the creation of numbers!

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